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Denmark Schengen Visa for Tourists

An in-depth guide on how to obtain a Danish Schengen visa for tourists, including the steps to follow, the required documents, and some frequently asked questions

Visit Denmark and the Schengen Nations

Denmark Visit Visa Requirements and Application Guidelines

Denmark, a Scandinavian archipelagic nation, is renowned for its high standard of living, cobblestoned medieval cities, and creative capital.

Tourists from countries that require a visa to enter and visit Denmark must obtain a Denmark tourist visa before entering the country. To take advantage of the most famous tourist attractions of the Schengen region, you will need a Denmark tourist visa, which allows you to stay in the Schengen region for up to 90 days. There is no visa requirement for tourists from countries with a visa-free policy. They can enter the country with just their passports.

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Danish visit visa overview

For short trips to Denmark, the following people do not require a visa:

  • Visa-free travel is available to citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and other countries that have a visa-free agreement with the Schengen area 
  • Diplomatic and service passport holders
  • Passport holders from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Region Administrativa Especial de Macau, or the British National Overseas Passport
  • Diplomatic, special, and service passport holders
  • Passport holders with diplomatic status
  • Passport holders with diplomatic and service passports and those with "official passports"

Tourists granted a Denmark tourist visa must leave the country before the visa expires. All countries with a visa requirement for Denmark and Schengen are subject to this rule.

Royal Migration has more than two decades of experience, with thousands of success stories and a team of qualified immigration consultants who specialize in processing visit visas to Denmark. Contact us to benefit from our expert support.

Denmark visit visa requirements

 As a Denmark Schengen visa applicant, you must submit the following documents:

  • A Denmark visa application form Make sure all the information on the application form is correct, print it, and sign it at the end.
  • Biometric photos the photos must be recently taken, within the last three months, in compliance with the Schengen visa requirements and specifications.
  • A Passport must be less than ten years old, have two blank pages for the visa sticker, and be valid for six months when you apply and three months after you leave Denmark.
  • Itinerary or flight reservation The Schengen Area requires you to bring a document with a detailed plan of your flight to the Schengen Area as part of your application.
  • Schengen- compliant travel health insurance policies It must cover at least €30,000 in medical expenses and emergencies for the duration of your journey.
  • Proof of accommodation A hotel room, rental agreement, or invitation letter from friends or family in Denmark proving that you have a place to stay during your visit.
  • Proof of financial means financial proof of your ability to support yourself during your stays, such as a bank statement or sponsorship letter.
  • Evidence of employment status You may need to submit an employment contract or business plan depending on your employment status.
  • Travel itinerary A document with all the details of your trip to Denmark must be submitted with your application.
  • For minors:
    • The birth certificate, proof of adoption, custody decree if the parents are divorced, or death certificate of the parent.
    • It is necessary to have a letter of consent from the parents and copies of both parents and legal guardians’ passports.

Note: Depending on the embassy or consulate you are applying to, you may be required to submit additional documents to complete your application.

How to apply for a Denmark Schengen visa?

Follow these steps to apply for a Denmark Schengen visa:

  1. Fill out the application form Ensure that the information you provide is accurate and true.
  2. Pay the tourist visa fee You will need to pay the fee and provide a copy of the payment receipt as proof of payment.
  3. Submit your application, documents, and biometrics Please apply along with the required documents in person to the Danish embassy/consulate or visa centre where you will apply for the visa. The application must be submitted in person to be considered.
  4. Attend the visa interview as soon as you have applied for a visa, you will need to sit for a visa interview so that you can answer some personal questions and questions about your trip.
  5. Wait for a response on your application You will be notified via email if your visa application has been approved by the embassy/consulate.

Tourists from Russia, China, Ukraine, and India, looking at travelling to Denmark for a visit, have special travel agencies and tourist arrangements. As a result of these arrangements, it is easier for citizens of those countries to visit Denmark as tourists.

Denmark tourist visa processing time

Processing all the documentation for your visa application, it may take up to 15 days to complete the process. The processing time can take longer if there is an extraordinary case involved in the case that needs to be processed.

The processing time for visa extensions is approximately 14 days.

Is Denmark part of the Schengen visa?

Yes! Since 2001, Denmark has been a member of the Schengen area.
When you obtain a Schengen visa from Denmark, you will be able to move freely within the Schengen Area for the duration of its validity (90 days). There are some reasons for which you can obtain a Denmark Schengen visa, such as tourism, visiting family and friends, business, medical treatment, and more.

The type of Schengen visa you need depends on the purpose of your trip to a Schengen area state. By filling out the contact form, you will get a free assessment to help you define the type of Schengen Visa you will need for your travel purpose.

Questions? You’re covered

The Schengen tourist visa allows you to travel or visit Denmark for pleasure for up to 90 days within six months. If you have a Schengen tourist visa, you will be viable to travel and visit other countries within the Schengen area. In case you will be travelling to any other Schengen country, it is recommended that you fill in the "multiple entry" gap in the application form.
There is a 90/180 calculator that you can use if you are unsure how much time you have left to spend in Denmark.

An application for a Denmark tourist visa extension must be submitted by the applicant before the expiry date of his or her tourist visa or before the expiry date of his/her visa-free stay. If you submit your application too late or during an illegal stay, your extension application may be denied. It is only possible to extend a Denmark Schengen Visa on certain specific occasions, such as the following:

  • Force Majeure
  • Humanitarian Reasons
  • Important Personal Reasons
  • Late Entry

As a reminder: If you wish to apply for a tourist visa extension for any of the reasons listed above, you must have strong arguments to support your application. Fill out the contact form to get started with an immigration expert.

Your extension application can be submitted in person at the Danish Immigration Services Citizen Service (SIRI). You must book an appointment before showing up at the Citizen Service office, or you will not be allowed to enter the office.

If you are staying in Denmark for less than three months, you can study with a tourist visa. Danish student visas are required for stays longer than three months. Get started on your Danish student visa with an immigration consultant from Royal Migration by filling out the contact form.
It will take about two months or 60 days for the application to be processed.
To study in Denmark for more than three months, citizens outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland must obtain a residence permit.

Denmark does not require a visa or residence permit for citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or Finland.

No! It is not possible. To work in Denmark, you must obtain a residence and work permit. A Danish employer must offer you a job contract before you can apply for a Denmark work visa.
With a tourist visa, you are allowed to perform certain activities that are related to work, such as attending meetings, signing contracts, etc.

Denmark Schengen Visa Eligibility Check

Are you eligible for the Denmark visit visa?

Our immigration specialists have expertise in assisting people from all over the world in obtaining visas to visit Denmark. Contact us to discuss your Danish visit visa application.

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