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Denmark Study Permit

Education in Denmark is a dream of many people from different countries as Danish qualifications are recognized throughout the world and provide an excellent base for future career. According to global studies educational system of Denmark is one of the most successful in the world. Danish universities offer wide range of programs and courses for foreign students.

Higher education in Denmark has long tradition. First university was founded in Copenhagen in 1479. Nowadays high standards of education are combined with innovative approach, cooperation with business and research institutes create active and motivating environment. That’s why so many young people wish to study in Denmark Universities from Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

In order to learn in Denmark foreign students need to get the Study Permit. Applicants for the Student Visa have to be admitted to an educational program, have to pay the course fees and must have personal savings to live in the country, which is not cheap, during all educational period. Applicants need to know the language of educational course and knowledge of either Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German or English languages.

If you want to study in Denmark Universities, first you have to get the admission to any educational program and specialists of Royal Migration Solutions will help you to obtain a visa.

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