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Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa

Question about work in Germany and immigration question for Dubai/Saudi citizens could be interesting, as this country has powerful economy. Your wish to love and work in Germany can become true. All you need is to apply for a skilled job seeker visa. This type of visa is perfect for foreign nationals, who are looking for a job in Germany – country, which according to the GDP takes fourth position in the world. Job Seeker visa allows a foreigner to work in Germany during 6 months. Job seeker visa is a sort of permanent residence permit in Germany, as there is no requirement for visa holder to work – you can be only looking for a job. However, if during 6 months your attempts are unsuccessful, you will be asked to leave the country. After finding suitable work in Germany, you can apply for work visa.

Obviously, there are strict requirements to get a job seeker visa, such as minimum experience is the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, technical education and minimum years of relevant work experience. The applicant must have a passport with at least 12 months validity, CV, educational diploma, recent employment details, medical insurance and proof of sufficient funds for accommodation and daily expenses.

Professional team of Royal Migration Solutions helps applicants to compose the letter of motivation which clearly underlines following – the purpose of looking for a job in Germany, steps of getting a job there and approximate time needed to get an offer. Moreover, Royal Migration Solutions staff knows little tricks, which make the motivation letter successful and brings applicant one step ahead of others.

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