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PESEL (Polish Resident Identification) for foreigners in Poland

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A PESEL Number [Polish acronym for “Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population”] is assigned to everyone who registers their address as a foreigner living in Poland. Submit an application for a PESEL Number if you are unable to register your residence yet are required to do so by any organisation. read through this article to figure out how to achieve this with ease.

Who can apply for a PESEL Number in Poland

  • In the event that you register your residence in Poland for a stay of more than 30 days, you will automatically receive the PESEL Number.
  • If you are unable to register your residence yet require a PESEL Number, submit an application to any municipality or township office.

What you need to get a PESEL

  • A completed PESEL Number assignment application form. The application is also available at the municipality or township office.
  • A document that attests to your identity and the other information you provided on the application.

The application can be submitted either personally or through a proxy. Find out more about using a proxy to address the situation at work.

Remember! In the application, you’ll need to provide the true legal basis, which includes the requirement to hold a PESEL Number. Any organisation (like the ZUS (Social Security Agency) or the tax office) that requests your PESEL Number must also explain why it needs it.
You will be informed of any gaps in your application and given the opportunity to fill them. Your application will not be processed by the office if it does not follow all of the rules and regulations.

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