Royal Migration Solutions (RMS) provides a full refund if our Board of Directors deems we have provided incorrect information or consultancy during our process, which led to your case being rejected or that our services have fallen below the standards you can reasonably expect of us. If your case gets rejected from the governing authority for any reason you will be entitled to a 50% refund and is subject to a case to case basis. If your case gets rejected due to your submission of incorrect documents, fail to provide required linguistic score, inaccurate information, voluntarily withdrawal and fake /fabricated documentation there will be no refund.


1. The expected time span for our services to be cancelled is 48 hours from payment as the initial consultation fees are used for direct assessment of education equivalency for country of intended migration. All visit visa applications can be cancelled within 48 hours.

2. The conditions under which cancellation will be allowed is that no process has begun on any sort of application and forms or consultation has been issued.

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