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Move to Germany from the UAE

Whatever your reason for visiting Germany, we have the expertise to make your trip smooth and hassle-free.

Germany Immigration and Visa Services

Germany Visa Types, Requirements, Application & Guidelines

Over nine million foreigners currently call Germany home. After the United States, this country is the most visited in the world. Thousands of people move to Germany yearly for a better life. Germany is a cultural mosaic because of the variety of people living there. There must be a good reason why our country is a magnet for immigrants.
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Germany for a new venture?

Germany has been ranked as the fifth-best nation to relocate to.
Its successful economy, educational system, and employment possibilities account for this favorability.
People seek the chance to relocate to Germany from all over the world. Over the past 21 years, we have successfully assisted thousands of German job seekers in reaching their goals.

Planning to visit Germany?
Germany, in Western Europe, is a stunning travel destination that pulls in many travellers every year. We are here to assist you in getting the corresponding visit visa to Germany.

Foreign nationals who meet the requirements for the Germany Employment Visa can work and live in Germany. The visa authorises the holder to enter and work in Germany for up to two years, with extensions possible. It also paves the way for applying for an EU Blue Card or other residence permits.

Gain access to a top-notch education that will help you succeed professionally, improve your language skills by mingling with native speakers, and enrich your life with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by studying and living in Germany. Thousands of German colleges offer international students tuition waivers or steeply discounted rates.

A German Business visa is a short-stay Schengen visa, permitting its bearer to enter and stay in Germany for a maximum of 90 days within 6(six) months unless the stamp on the visa states otherwise.

Not sure which visa is the right one for you? don't bother, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Work in Germany

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirements and Application Process

Germany’s employment market is highly respected internationally, and with its unemployment rate falling, many people from other countries relocate there to find work.
A job and residency in Germany are achievable goals only after completing the necessary steps.

Start a Business in Germany

Germany Business Visa Requirements and Application Process

Germany, the world’s fourth-largest economy, is home to several multinational corporations with offices, subsidiaries, and commercial partners all over the globe, especially in developing nations. Anyone who does not come from a visa-exempt country and intends to enter Germany for business purposes must get a Germany Business Visa.

Visit Germany

Germany Tourist & Visitor Visa

Visiting Germany will necessitate a visa for many travellers. While the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and many more have visa waiver programmes with Germany, there are still numerous nations whose nationals must get a visa, even for short tourist journeys.
The holder of this visa, known as a German Schengen Visa, may travel to Germany and any other Schengen Area country throughout the validity period of the visa (max. 90 days).
If you want to visit Germany for less than three months, whether to see relatives or go sightseeing, you’ll need to apply for a Schengen visa.

Study in Germany

Germany Student Visa Requirements and Application Process

Every year, more and more international students make Germany their study-abroad destination of preference. To study in Germany, most students from outside of Europe will need to apply for a student visa at the German embassy or consulate in their home country.

Although students from some countries may not need a visa to enter Germany for academic purposes, those whose studies will continue longer than 90 days will still need to apply for and be granted a residence permit once they arrive.

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