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Denmark Work Visa - Work in Denmark

A complete guide to obtaining a work visa for Denmark, including the required documents, the application process, and frequently asked questions.

Work in Denmark - The Skill Worker Pathway

Denmark work Visa Requirements and Application Guidelines

Knowing how the Danish labour market functions, including the formalities, working conditions, and workplace culture, is necessary for getting off to a strong start as an employee in Denmark. It might function and be structured differently from how you’re used to. There is no need to fret, though, as Denmark has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction in all of Europe.

To qualify for a Danish work visa, you must find a job and receive an official letter from a Danish company confirming your employment. It is relatively easy and quick to apply for a Denmark Work Visa.

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Danish work visa overview

To work in Denmark, you need a visa, no matter if you plan on doing unpaid or sideline. Except for citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. Fill out the contact form to get started with your visa application process.

There is no visa required for EU citizens wishing to work in Denmark. However, they must register with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) even if they do not need a visa. To complete this process, you must submit the following documents in person to one of SIRI's branches.

  • Passports and national ID cards are proof of identity
  • Ticket-sized photo
  • A completed application
  • A document that proves that the individual is a worker (such as a contract of employment)

Our team of business immigration consultants has expertise in helping employers and qualified workers in a range of industries and businesses of all sizes. Planning assistance from our consultants will help you reach your start date and guarantee that the direction of your career fits your immigration objectives.

Denmark work visa application process

There are two ways in which applicants can apply: by themselves or granting power of Attorney to their employer to do so on your behalf. Find below the work visa application steps:

  • Choose a Denmark work visa scheme 
  • Create a case order ID
  • Pay the Denmark work visa fee
  • Compile the Denmark work visa document checklist
  • Apply
  • Take your biometrics
  • Wait for a response

Choosing a Denmark work visa scheme

You must choose the best visa scheme based on your employment situation. Among the visa schemes available are:

This scheme is for high-income individuals who earn at least DKK 448,000 (approximately €60,180) per year.

This list contains individuals with job offers in professions experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals in Denmark (engineers, doctors, medical consultants, auditors, and more). The list is updated twice a year, on January 1st and July 1st.

It is available to individuals who have been offered a job from a SIRI-certified company. With a fast-track scheme, foreign employees with special qualifications can get hired faster, start working, and get flexible permits.

Trainee visas are available to an individual who have a short-term trainee position by a Danish company.

Applicants with a job offer in agriculture as herdsmen or farm managers.

The sideline employment is available to those with a residence permit based on a job with a specific employer but who look forward to taking on sideline work.

This is for individuals with Danish authorization as a doctor or dentist and applying for a work permit to adapt to Danish conditions and complete training.

 For family members travelling with a Danish worker.

For performers, artists, professional athletes, or coaches, as well as chefs that have specific skills.

This scheme is for individuals with a residence permit as refugees, reunified family members, or accompanying family members of foreign nationals with a residence permit.

After choosing the visa scheme

Once you have chosen the visa scheme, you will have to proceed with the following steps

The next step is to create a case order ID after you choose the visa type. It’s like creating an account, where you give your basic info, passport number, and email.

With the creation of your case and user ID, you must pay the fee and submit your application. Both must take place in the same year. Otherwise, your application may be rejected. Usually, the work visa fee is DKK 4,405 (about €590).

The required documents for your Denmark visa application are:

  • Passports must have two blank pages and be valid
  • Passport information page copy
  • Health insurance. You will need health insurance coverage for your stay in Denmark
  • Biometric data following Schengen guidelines
  • Visa fee payment proof
  • A complete form of power of attorney is required when your employer or someone else submits your application on your behalf
  • A contract of employment or a job offer not older than 30 days
  • Academic qualifications or a diploma. These documents will prove your qualifications for a Job
  • Authorization from the Danish government for the job (if required)

You will need a different work visa application depending on the type of employment you have. Here are some of the most common:
The AR1 Form -Employees and employers fill out the form. It’s your employer’s responsibility to fill out the first part. Your employer will provide you with a password to fill out the second part of the form.
The AR6 Form-An employer receives the authority to fill out the form in its entirety.

A Danish diplomatic mission abroad must take your photo and fingerprints within 14 days of your application. The Immigration authorities store biometric documents in their database.

It takes approximately 30 (thirty) days to get a Denmark work visa. The processing time for some Visas, like the Fast-Track visas, is about 10 (ten) days. 
You will receive an email with a verdict. You can also receive SMS updates about the status of your visa application. 

After your Danish work visa application is approved

With the approval of your work visa, you can travel to Denmark immediately. Registering your Danish address with the municipality where you will live is one of the first steps toward settling. You will receive your Danish CPR number (personal registration number) once you have registered.

Duration of a Denmark work visa

Work permits can last up to four years for indefinite job contracts. Work permits for limited or temporary job contracts are valid for the same period as the contract plus six months. To continue working in Denmark after four years, you must apply for an extension of your residence and work permit.

Extending a Denmark Work Visa

If your current residence and work permit are about to expire, you can apply for an extension. It is essential to keep in mind that you can only extend your residence permit if you are working at the same job. In other words, you must work at the same employer, under the same terms, and in the same position. The extension will take approximately 3 (three) months to process. 
Changing employers require you to apply for a new work permit, not an extension. 

Family members of the main applicant

As an accompanying family member, you may qualify for a residence permit if you are the spouse, civil partner, cohabiting partner, or child (under 18) of someone residing in Denmark for work.
Bringing your family to Denmark is possible with a Danish residence and work permit. The processing time for this application is approximately 2 (two) months, and the fee is DKK 1,615 (€210). 

For accompanying family members, the following documents are a requirement:

  • Proof of paid fee. Attach the receipt. 
  • Make a copy of all pages, including the cover, in your passport.
  • Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate (if you are married or registered as a partner).
  • Cohabitation proof (if you cohabit), like:
    • Lease contracts
    • Insurance policies
    • Bank statements
    • Joint payments or similar 
    • A copy of the child’s birth certificate- If the second parent cannot accompany you when you visit Denmark, you will also need the second parent’s consent

Questions? You’re covered

It is not possible to refund the visa application fee if you discontinue your visa application once it has begun processing.

There is no mandatory requirement to take the IELTS exams as part of the Danish work visa application process.

The Visa application process is relatively simple and quick
For you to be able to work in Denmark, you will need a work visa and residence permit. A Danish employer must give you an official employment letter before applying for a Danish work visa. 

With more than two decades of experience, Royal Migration has a team of qualified immigration consultants and attorneys specializing in Danish work visas. Our team has helped hundreds of thousands of people obtain Visas over the years. Feel secure to get started with your application by filling out the form below. We will assist you in getting an authentic work visa from Denmark.

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