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Germany Student Visa Requirements & Application Process

When it comes to research infrastructure, educational methods, affordable study options, and career prospects, Germany is the place to be.

Germany Study Visa Application Simplified

Germany Student Visa – Checklist, Requirements, Application, Processing Time & Fees

Germany is an academy paradise when it comes to the quality of education, research, infrastructure, career perspectives, and low-cost studies. Germany is the best place for pursuing higher education.

Many nationalities are NOT permitted to enter and study in Germany without a study visa or permit. You can do with a German study visa either full-time university studies or preparatory measures before full-time university courses such as a Foundation course.

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German Study Visa Overview

A German study visa is an official authorizing document that permits a non-German national to enter and stay in the territory of Germany for study purposes within a specific time frame.

It is essential to apply for the appropriate German study visa related to the purpose of your travel for any of the following study types; a German study visa can be granted to you.

  • Full-time academic studies
  • German language courses for studies
  • State preparatory college ‘Studienkolleg’. A course you undertake as a foreigner whose school-leaving certificate is not recognized in Germany.
  • Propaedeutic course
  • Mandatory preliminary internship

A German study visa permits you to stay in Germany for the initial 3 (three) months. Within this period, you will be expected to apply for a residence permit to live and study in Germany. The residence permit gives you a maximum stay of 2 years. You will have the liberty to extend the permit depending on the length and duration of the study program.

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What documents are required for a German study visa?

The evaluation of your application will be based on the data and supporting materials you submit. The following documents checklist must be submitted for the application for a German study visa:

Complete application forms for a German study visa

Consular officers use the information provided on the application form to process the German study visa.

Valid identification from the applicant’s country

All foreigners wishing to enter Germany must have a valid passport which is internationally recognized.

Proof of enrollment at a German university

This is an official document issued by a registered education provider be it a university or an institution that proves your enrollment status.

German language proficiency proof

 For study programs in the German language, sufficient proof of the German language is often a basic requirement.

Proof of English language competency

 This assures you possess enough English language skills to attend an English-speaking school successfully. Often required from applicants wishing to enroll in an English-speaking school.

Validated certificates of educational background

If you attended a university before your application, you would need to submit the university records for a German study visa application.

Basic sustenance means “Finanzieruungsnachweis”

This is to ensure that applicants can sufficiently support themselves during the trip.

A curriculum vitae

You will be expected to provide information about your previous and current education history.

Documents about student health insurance

This is proof of your ability to carter for unexpected health care costs.

Biometric portrait photos

Without a biometric portrait photo, your visa application will not be processed.

A motivation letter

The motivation letter is crucial because it conveys to the embassy the reasons why the applicant wants a German study visa.

A marriage certificate

The marriage certificate acts as evidence of the applicant’s marital status (Only for married applicants)

There may be additional visa requirements that you must submit, depending on your visa type, country of residence, and nationality in some situations.

Critical things to know as a German study visa candidate and/or holder

  • You must wait for approximately 4(four) months for a response from the Embassy regarding your German study visa application because the German study visa is not granted straight away.

German is the language of instruction at most universities in Germany. Undertaking a German-taught course requires that you demonstrate a firm knowledge of German either by a preparatory course or a language test result

  • If your study period extends for 90 days or 3(three) months, you will need to obtain a residence permit after arriving in Germany.
  • Original documents may be required upon arrival at the airport
  • During visa processing, the passport remains at the Embassy
  • The Visa fee will not be reimbursed in case of visa refusal
  • In case of visa rejection, the applicant gets informed about the main reason for his rejection

What you can and cannot do while having a valid German student visa

As a holder of a German student visa, you can:

  • Apply for a student residence permit extension. This is possible if you have not completed your planned studies within the visa period, and you’ll be completing them in a reasonable time.
  • Get a part-time job. After Ensuring that your work does not interfere with your study program, you may work for up to 120 working days per year, even if you’re already working part-time in the academic institution where you are studying.
  • Apply for a residence permit for job-seeking after graduation. You will gain the eligibility to apply for a residence permit in this category after completing your studies in Germany. With this residence permit, you will be eligible to get self-employed or search for a job for up to 6 months after graduation. You may get a temporary job while searching for a permanent job that directly matches your received academic qualification.

As a holder of a German student visa, you cannot:

  • Get a full-time job/employment. You cannot get a job that requires you to engage 240 working days per year. Moreover, with a German student visa, you are not qualified to apply for a work permit while being a student.
  • Abandon study lessons. Failing to complete or participate in study lessons will cancel your eligibility to remain in Germany.

Questions? You’re covered

The processing time for a Germany long-stay study visa may take approximately 6-12 weeks from the application day. While Germany’s short-stay study visas are usually decided within 15-30 days by the German missions abroad.

It is highly recommended to apply early enough in advance of your trip to Germany. Typically, 03(three) months before your planned studies.

German is the language of instruction at most universities in Germany. Undertaking a German-taught course requires that you demonstrate a firm knowledge of German either by a preparatory course or a language test result. If you have limited knowledge of German, you could consider taking an English-language program.

Despite having a 92% student visa acceptance rate, the German government will reject your student visa for not following the application process correctly.

Applying for the study visa includes a sequence of events in-between yourself and the designated embassy. Royal Migration with two decades plus experience is a gateway to your student visa. Get Started with our consultants.

Eligibility Checkup

Are you eligible to study in Germany?

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