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Malta Work Visa and Permit

Malta’s economy, employment rate, and climate are all contributing to the country’s rising appeal as a destination to live and work.

Malta Immigration- Work and settle in Malta

A comprehensive guide to obtaining a work permit in Malta

Malta is a pretty modern European country, precisely located between Sicily and the North African coast. Though the island country is well known as one of the smallest EU countries, it still has a strong tourist attraction. The country has an overall population of 533,286 residents with an area of 316 km2. The country is popularly known for its memorable historic sites, which are related to the long succession of rulers belonging to various nations. Many foreign citizens desire to obtain a work permit to look forward to a better career as well as a lifestyle, but unfortunately, they do not have the permit as they have several questions on the way with no proper clarification. Individuals who are constantly looking to immigrate to Malta for better career opportunities and experience must know all the necessary information to make their immigration a simplified process.

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Malta Work Visa Overview

A work visa or permit is a type of document that helps a citizen seek employment in another country. Through the permit, the person has the legal right to work and live in a particular country other than their own country of residence.
If you are confused about how to make your immigration to Malta a hassle-free experience, relax! Royal Migration Solutions is here to support you at every step of your immigration to Malta. We are a team of professionals who are well experienced in providing the highest quality immigration services for our clients. The application procedure is not a complicated one if you meet all the mentioned criteria and get your immigration done through our company.

This is one of the trickiest questions our clients deal with as they are completely unaware of who should and shouldn’t apply for the permit. To work in Malta, citizens of non-EU/EEA countries or Switzerland must apply for a work permit. Even if you are working temporarily, you will require a visa for it for which you can easily apply through us.
On the other hand, citizens belonging to the EU/EEA/Switzerland do not need to acquire a visa. They can easily work in Malta without a work permit. However, there is one factor to be remembered. Citizens should register with the department for citizenship and expatriate affairs after arriving. This registration process should be completed within three months. With our services, you can easily register and complete all the application formalities since everything related to your work visa is directly managed by our team.

With a good level of living and a multicultural workforce, Malta is a popular foreign employment location for overseas workers and offers a wealth of educational opportunities. Are you willing to work in Europe? With Royal Migration, the top overseas consultant in the world, you are sure to go the proper way.

Malta work visa categories

Malta provides a range of visas for visitors from other countries, including visas for business, tourism, and medical care. There are a few categories for visas available to foreign nationals travelling to Malta to work:

The short-stay visa is a kind of Schengen visa which enables foreign nationals to enter multiple Schengen member states. There are three versions of this visa available to facilitate single, double, and multiple entries. No matter how many entries are permitted, the holder of a C visa may stay in Malta for up to three months.

Foreign nationals may stay in Malta for a longer period of time with the D visa. To reside and work in Malta for an extended period of time, overseas workers will need this visa. A D visa is also required for people visiting Malta for studies.

Note: Foreign workers will also require a work permit in addition to a long-stay visa. This authorization is referred to as an employment licence in Malta.

What are the types of work permits?

Understandably, there are different types of work visas given to citizens after finding out which one they are eligible for. 

  • Single Permit
  • Key Employment Initiatives
  • EU Blue Card

All three work visas are issued by the Maltese government and are given to citizens depending on their eligibility. Our company can help you deeply understand which type of work permit category you are eligible for and according applies for that work visa on your behalf. 

The single-permit visa allows a citizen to live and work in Malta for a long duration. The basic criterion is that you should have proof of employment in the form of an offer letter from a Maltese employer. If you are still in your residence your employer should submit the documents on your behalf. The whole process for this visa permit takes approximately two to three months.

This is a newly launched visa permit begun by the Maltese government for highly skilled workers. This type of work visa is issued to citizens for a period of five to six days. Although there are some important requirements for the key employment initiative, which are as follows:

  • The candidate should have the relevant skills and work experience for the job role.
  • The person’s annual salary should be close to 30,000 Euros.

Must have all the genuine copies of the previous work experience.

The EU Blue Card work visa is only offered to highly skilled citizens who will be working in a designated position and earning a salary of 1.5 times the average gross annual salary in Malta. This work visa lasts for at least one year and can be renewed later as long as you meet the employment criteria.

What is the duration of the Malta work visa?

Usually, the duration of the Malta work visa is one year, which needs to be renewed from time to time according to your employment period. Once you get in touch with royal migration solutions, obtaining your new work visa as well as renewal of the old one is easily managed by us. So, you need not have to worry about anything on your behalf as all the processes are carried out from our end smoothly. 

Essential requirements for the work visa

There are some crucial documents that you must provide us to apply for the Malta work visa. Once the documents have been successfully submitted and processed by our company, only then can you get your work visa. The documents needed are as follows:

  • Passport: Ensure you have a valid passport with at least two blank pages. The blank pages are for the visa and entry stamp, which are important for your immigration.
  • Application form: Fill in the work visa application form correctly through our guidance and it should be signed at the end.
  • Photograph: A visible passport-sized photograph, the photograph should be a professional-looking one with a light background.
  • Work contract: This should contain all information relating to your job description, salary, joining date, and end date of employment.
  • Updated CV: A newly updated CV with all the necessary work experience and references should be added.
  • Health insurance: You need to purchase a package of health insurance policies for the time of your stay in Malta. Medical insurance is important since you will be living and staying in the country for a long time.
  • Accommodation Proof: This document is needed as proof to showcase that you have a housing facility to stay in at the time of work in Malta. The proof can be in the form of a rental agreement, hotel reservation, or an invitation letter from any family member, friend, relative, etc.
  • Flight itinerary: This acts as a proof of travel document for your booked flight to Malta.

Note: You might have to submit some additional documents based on the country from which you are applying. Our company provides proper guidance for which additional documents are required thus getting our valuable consultation is important to avoid the rejection of your visa. Once all the rightful documents are received from your end, further processes become pretty simple. 

Malta work visa application procedure

If you are applying for a work visa on your own then you need to follow the next steps to successfully fill in your application form. These steps are important for applying for a work permit in Malta. The procedure is as follows:

This is the most important step in applying for a work visa. You should own all the required documents to support your work visa. This could be in the form of experience letters, current employment offers, CVs, etc.

You need to fulfil the details of your application for a Malta work visa from within Malta. 

  1. Visit your nearest embassy of Malta to apply for a Malta national visa for employment.
  2. You will receive an interim receipt card from the embassy, which will further help you apply for the single permit visa.
  3. Once you have applied for a single permit and reached Malta, then you need to carry all the documents in person to the identity Malta agency. If your application is approved, then you will be issued a single permit, after which you can begin your work in Malta.

This is a type of license that the employer fills out on your behalf and usually lasts for a year. The employer must show that the vacancy for the job post was open to all Maltese citizens and that no Maltese citizens filled the post.

Once all the above steps are effectively completed, you will receive a confirmation letter, message, or text letting you know, whether your work permit is approved or rejected. If it is accepted, you will receive your residence card, which will serve as proof that you are permitted to stay and work in Malta.

Questions? You’re covered

There is a different structure for Malta work visas according to the type for which you are eligible. Get in touch with us and we will provide you the rightful details.

There are different scenarios for this situation. If your employment is continuing, then you can apply for renewal through our company providing us with all the supporting documents showing you have paid the taxes at the time of staying in Malta. If you are not working in Malta, then you can no longer apply for an extension of your visa.

The processing time lasts for about 5 to 15 working days starting from the day you submit your document. However, the processing can take months and you might have to wait a lot. If you apply through our company then we make the process quick and within no time you will receive a message for the approval of your work visa in the form of a text message or email.

Yes, with Royal migration solutions you can get your work visa from abroad, you do not have to travel to Malta as our company services run all the processes from your end. However, you cannot apply for a Malta work visa from outside on your own. This is not possible as you need to apply in person to the Identity Malta agency.

Malta Work Visa Eligibility Check

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